A ChargeTree Go charging three different devices

Chargetree Go

The smarter, on-the-desk or on-the-go wireless charger.

Charge 3 devices at once, when staying put or…when you leave. ChargeTree Go charges your wireless enabled iPhone, AirPods, and even your Apple Watch all in a slim, vertical charger that folds up compactly when it’s time for you to leave.

Space Saving

Portable convenience.

Perfect for travel, folds compactly for easy stowage and travel.

ChargeTree Go black variant folded compactly
ChargeTree Go white variant un-folding

Multi device

Charges three devices at once.

Replenish power to a wireless phone, AirPods/AirPods Pro and Apple Watch (all series).

Designed to work with AirPods in wireless charging case, and with most phone cases (non-metal) up to 5mm thick.

Smarter charge

More convenient and easy.

Plugs into outlets with a USB-C to USB-C cable (1m cable included).

Ready for the Ups or Downs

Versatile charging.

Works as a vertical charger when opened or as a charging platform when folded up.


Charge status lights.

Hidden within the perch and watch arm are soft glow status lights which illuminate briefly to confirm positive charging.

Watch platform

Spring into action.

With a gentle push, the watch arm springs out for watch charging, and disappears again with another gentle push.

Explore AR

ChargeTree Go.

Instant access to AR experiences
right from your device.

Preview our products in your own
space and experience them in AR
before you take them home.

Open in Safari.

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ChargeTree Go on top of a desk charging three different devices