STM warrants to the purchaser that our goods are free from defect in materials and workmanship. If STM determines that the goods are defective, we will repair or replace them without charge to the purchaser. STM reserves the right to repair or replace with the same or a similar product. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. To make a warranty claim, please fill out our Return Authorisation online form.

If you feel that the goods you purchased from STM are defective, cease further use of the product. Please complete and submit our Return Authorisation form online. We may ask that you return the goods to us for inspection at the purchaser's expense along with a copy of the purchase receipt or other proof of purchase.

The bag or case you purchased is only part of keeping your digital device safe from damage. It is not a substitute for improper care, abuse or accidents related to your STM product. Your STM product may mitigate damage to your device and its data if dropped but it will not prevent damage in all situations. Please ensure that you take all necessary steps to prevent loss of data and/or damage by proper care of your bag. We highly recommend a regular back up of your data. 

To make a warranty claim, please fill out our Return Authorisation online form.

australian residences only – full warranty 1 June 2014

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