The Greater Goods

STM Goods

Introducing the new face, new name and new future of STM.

We create stuff that matters for a group of doers, changers, and makers we affectionately refer to as Generation Do. Our new brand represents just that: doing.

It’s all about you.

You are our muse. You are our purpose. We create for you. We make beautiful, durable, and supremely useful products to help you accomplish what you set out for every day because, like you, we also belong to Generation Do. We work to change the world around us. We make things happen. We do, every day.

We call our new logo, The Spear. It represents your bold ambition. It speaks to your unrelenting drive to improve. It echoes your compulsion to push to ever-new heights. 

The Spear grants homage to ancient trailblazers from our earliest origins. The movers and shakers at the dawn of time used a spear to set out into the world, face mighty obstacles, and return victorious. Today we use laptops, smart phones, tablets and more to overcome and achieve. Their spears, like ours, led the way and struck their targets. Now The Spear leads our way, and yours too.

It also nods to your daily creativity, your clever resourcefulness. Solutions to challenges are not always obvious and sometimes challenging to uncover, but when you find them the feeling can be exhilarating. Discovery is good. Discovery is fun. Our logo contains hidden messages, ideas and shapes only revealed to those who work to discover them, because that is the nature of our path as doers. 

An unquenchable hunger.

The vibrant orange color is more than a choice off a colour palette, it’s a symbol: a symbol of the raging flame of restlessness burning in your core. The fire pushes you to do. And, we know, no matter how hard you try, the inferno is unquenchable. 

For nearly two decades, our original logo carried us from a garage-born startup in the heart of Sydney, to a global brand with worldwide presence. Led by that internal inferno, though once a simple manufacturer of laptop bags, STM has grown to a pillar of products and a collaborator with a cause, creating Stuff That Matters for Generation Do. 

Today, that fire burns hotter than ever before.

A new face and a new name.

We have also changed our name…to STM Goods. As STM Bags, we raised the bar in the bag industry. We led the way in innovation, personality and thought. Now, with cases, power, accessories and more innovations on the way, we’ve grown far beyond our origins of bags. We now produce Goods, the Good-est way we know how.

In the last three years, STM has doubled in size, tripled in revenue, and nearly tripled in global retail presence. We’ve also grown beyond product manufacturing. The future of STM is supporting our Generation Do comrades in protection, power, and portability, yes, but also in knowledge, access and opportunity. 

In the coming years we will strive to make a difference to you and those like you in ways that matter to you. To make making more simple. To make doing more doable. To make you, Generation Do, more successful. We are part of you and together we are all part of The Greater Goods. 

We are The Greater Goods

From the goods we create, to the goodness you create, doing is more than just a pursuit of profit. A new marketing slogan would be inadequate to capture our cause. We chose instead to create a battle cry. From the high-rise rooftops, from the subway platforms, and from behind our steering wheels we sound the trumpeting call to become part of The Greater Goods!

Change is our mission

Our new brand represents change. For some in the world, change is jarring. For the average person, difficult. But for doers like you, and like us, change is the goal, the mission, and a source of exhilaration. We are changing because you are changing, and together we are changing the world because change is what we crave. 

Join us as we collectively step out into the world, boldly facing the unknown, chasing the impossible dreams, knocking down the walls of failure, explorers armed with a Spear, with determination to never stop, never slow, never cease in our pursuit of becoming part of the Greater Goods and thriving as a part of Generation Do.