MagLoop Smarter MagSafe Accessory

SKU: STM-935-327Y

$39.95 (inc. GST)

Sleek and sexy, clever and convenient 3-in-1 swing-out kickstand, soft-silicone finger loop, and even an integrated bottle opener that attaches magnetically to your iPhone’s MagSafe.

SKU: STM-935-327Y

Finger loop, kickstand, and bottle opener accessory for iPhone MagSafe

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Smarter Features

  • 3-in-1 low profile MagSafe accessory
  • Silicone molded finger loop pops out giving a soft yet secure feeling
  • Outer loop hinges out to function as a kickstand in both landscape and portrait
  • Integrated bottle opener gives you the ability to slide it off the phone to pop open a bottle

Product Specifications

  • main material(s): ABS/ Silicone
  • outer dimensions: H .3 x D 2.5 x W 2.3 in / H .9 x D 6.5 x W 5.8 cm
  • weight: 1.05oz/ 30 g