studioiPad mini 4

SKU: STM-222-053GZ-49-1

$49.95 (inc. GST)

New colors and a translucent back make the studio cooler than ever.  The transparent polycarbonate, semi-translucent bracket protects your tablet.  A unique magnetic closure allows you to simply and easily open and close the case. The front cover also activates the “smart cover” function – turning the iPad on and off to save battery life. Designed for multiple viewing angles and a comfortable carry, the studio protects your iPad mini 4 from everyday hazards and folds into a stable typing or viewing platform.

NOTE: This case in not compatible with the iPad Mini 5. We are currently working on a solution specifically tailored for this new product.

SKU: STM-222-053GZ-49-1
  • Secure closure – unique magnetic wrap wakes the device, closing puts it to sleep
  • Instant on/ off – lifting the cover wakes the device and puts it to sleep
  • Transparent protection – see through, hard shell polycarbonate bracket protects from bumps and scratches and allows your iPad to shine through
  • Multiple viewing modes – front cover folds for typing or viewing orientations
  • Easy access cut outs for ports and buttons
  • Designed in Australia
studio ipad mini 4 case